Burgoynes Lyonshall

Burgoynes Agriculture


Since selling Golflinks Farm, Kington Burgoyne’s now farm over 400 acres with a varied range of enterprises.

The arable enterprise has a planned rotation keeping a careful eye on the environment and soil structures.  All inputs are balanced for the crops needs to produce quality feed wheat most of which is sold for chicken production and for the Industrial and Bio-industrial markets, oil seed rape for the domestic and industrial markets, beans for animal protein and barley to feed the farm livestock.

The Cider Apple Orchard is on contract to Bulmers of Hereford.  It was planted in 1998-99 and now is coming into full production.

The flock of Welsh Mule Ewes are sired by Suffolk Rams and start lambing in early February.  They are sold finished off grass through the local livestock market.

Cattle are purchased in the autumn.  Barley Bulls are finished out of sheds in May and June but heifers are turned out to graze and are sold finished out of sheds the following winter. 

A new enterprise is the planting of two new Orchards of Jonagored apple trees. They will be hand picked for apple juice production.

Domestic tap water is supplied from fresh water bore holes to many houses in the village and also the  Burgoynes properties. 

Andrew Burgoyne is the Managing Director with Andrew Johnson as Farm Manager, they are further helped at peak times by casual staff and local contractors.